A physiotherapist has a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy and is certified by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). They are skilled in providing assessments, prescriptions and therapeutic techniques for injuries that involve physical structure, muscle function or movement. This profession involves more than just prescribing exercise – a typical day at the #1 physio Adelaide clinic will include providing treatments for back pain, fractures, joint injuries, mild and acute pain management, the control of pain and movement, the development of a patient’s functional capacity, balance, agility and conditioning. The term ‘physical therapy’ encompasses many of these treatments.

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There are a variety of professional qualifications held by physiotherapists in both the United States and Australia. In the United States, most physio clinics have attained the National Certification Board for Physical Therapy (NCBT PT) or the American Physiotherapy Association (EPA) certification. These certifications ensure that your clinic meets standards set by the health care industry and that your staff is aware of the limitations and duties that come with their professional practice. In general, however, all #1 physio Adelaide clinics are expected to have attained the EPA or NBTPT certification. The EPA is the governing body in charge of approving physical therapy practices throughout the country.


If you are interested in becoming a physiotherapist, you must undergo a recognized and comprehensive training program that includes anatomy, kinesiology, nutrition, exercise science, orthopedics and neurology. Some states even require that you receive your specialized training from an approved college, institute, or university. Many professional schools and universities in the United States provide specific programs in sports injury management. However, suppose you are planning on starting your private practice. In that case, it is essential to check the professional credentials and affiliations of any potential schools or hospitals that you will use for your training. Many chiropractors choose to balance physio clinics, athletic facilities or rehabilitation centres for their training because of the low overhead and excellent, professional approach that these facilities offer.


The #1 physio Adelaide clinic has several advantages over other options, including hospitals and private practices. For instance, balanced physio doctors do not have to follow HIPAA rules, which protect patient confidentiality. In addition, many physiotherapists choose to privately work because they can help patients suffering from sports injuries without worrying about lawsuits or the ethics of their employment. For this reason, many athletes or active individuals who suffer from pain and physical damage choose to work with a local clinic instead of an offsite facility.