Architectural hardware is needed for opening, closing, locking and shutting the windows and doors. In addition to these important functions, they also play an important part in maintaining the safety of the residents of the building. Whether it’s a commercial or residential building, every structure is often incomplete without these hardware products. Without these building supplies, buildings would not function properly or stop intruders from entering them.

The architectural hardware industry produces products often used in architectural buildings such as offices, hospitals, restaurants, stores, condos. However, many different types of these items make them more useful than just another product for the construction industry. Products that fall under architectural hardware include locks, knobs, pulls, hinges, door hardware, window hardware, flooring, ventilation systems and many more. To keep buildings safe and secure, all of these products have to be properly maintained. Here are some examples.


For large structures, security is very important, so there is architectural hardware sold, including deadbolt locks and other decorative hardware. Unfortunately, security arrangements in homes are often lacking, which is one of the main reasons there are burglars that frequent residential areas such as high-rise buildings. Hinges are another part of architectural hardware. They are used to attach things like doors, windows and cabinets together. Without these hinges and pull handles, it would be impossible to open any cabinets or doors.

If you want to make sure that your home’s interior is secured at all times, you should check the condition of your doors, windows and other interior hardware. There may be loose hardware that could allow intruders to enter your property easily. For example, to avoid having deadbolt locks broken or hinges pulled out of place, you should purchase high-quality locks. Hinged and fixed door locks are available to provide security in the house. In addition, if you have decorative hardware with elaborate designs on it that you find difficult to open with a standard key, you should consider replacing those locks with stronger models.

Windows and doors are just some of the more common architectural hardware that can be replaced when needed. If you have a new home, it would be ideal for replacing all door hardware with decorative ones that do not look out of place. For example, a door knob made of crystal can create a dramatic change to the architecture of your home. You can also replace the hinges and locks with more secure models.