If you’re struggling with anxiety, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of anxiety blanket for reducing stress and anxiety. But what exactly is a weighted blanket, and is it a good idea to use one? Read on to learn more about this new therapy and its potential benefits. Weighted blankets are essentially a form of deep pressure touch stimulation. They work by stimulating the brain’s serotonin levels through deep pressure touch stimulation and Serotonin.

Weighted blankets

anxiety blanketOne of the many benefits of weighted blankets is that they mimic massage therapy and remove stress from the body. Studies show that weighted blankets can relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. In addition, they can help with weight gain and stop tossing and turning in bed. The blanket’s weight has also been shown to promote Serotonin, a natural mood stabiliser. So how do these blankets work?

A weighted blanket works by pushing the body down while we sleep. This effect simulates DPT therapy, which is an alternative treatment for chronic stress and anxiety. It also lowers nighttime cortisol levels, which are detrimental to the immune system, blood sugar, and the digestive tract. It may even improve your sleep, too. So if you have insomnia, weighted blankets may be the solution you’re looking for.

Deep pressure touch stimulation

A weighted blanket can be used to provide deep pressure touch stimulation to reduce feelings of anxiety. A 2008 study published in Occupational Therapy in Mental Health found that 63% of participants showed significant positive physiological changes, such as reduced heart rate, lower blood pressure, and improved pulse oximetry. In addition, participants rated weighted blankets as their favourite calming modality, compared to hug and squeeze machines. On the other hand, weighted blankets can be used anywhere and are portable.

Using a anxiety blanket or vest can provide additional sensory input for people who are sensory seeking. This type of person is hyperactive and disorganised with their environment. In contrast, a weighted blanket or vest can help them cope with this disorder. In addition, they can find a comforting and relaxing experience from the weight of the blanket or blankets, as they may be able to fall asleep more easily with a deep pressure touch stimulation.


A weighted blanket may be the answer to your problems with anxiety and sleep. The deep pressure stimulation from a weighted blanket induces serotonin secretion and helps sleep. An overactive autonomic nervous system is the source of anxiety and hyperactivity. A weighted blanket helps the nervous system enter a resting state and mitigate the symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. It may also ease the symptoms of OCD.

Weighted blankets are a type of deep-pressure therapy and can help reduce anxiety and promote better sleep. These blankets are often recommended for people with autism because low levels of Serotonin are a major cause of sleep problems. Using one helps increase serotonin production while preventing overstimulation. Weighted blankets are also good for your body’s natural sleep cycle. As a result, they can help you achieve the restful sleep you need.


Anxiety blankets are widely available and becoming more popular for various reasons. Most anxiety blankets are made of cotton, though you may want to consider a cotton blend if you are concerned about the spread of germs. Weighted anxiety blankets can be made from various fabrics, including microbial ones. They should be comfortable and supportive enough for you to feel secure and comfortable when using them.

As well as reducing anxiety symptoms, weighted blankets have been shown to increase the production of neurotransmitters and hormones known to improve sleep. These hormones are responsible for helping our bodies cope with everyday situations. This is particularly helpful in confined spaces, crowds, or other unfavourable environments. In addition, many people find comfort in the weighted blanket’s soothing touch. So it’s no wonder the benefits of anxiety blankets extend beyond helping those with anxiety.

Side effects

Anxiety is a normal feeling that everyone experiences from time to time. Your heartbeat increases, your breathing rate becomes faster, and your body feels stressed. People with anxiety disorders may experience even more stress and worry in everyday life. While the weighted blanket may not cure anxiety, it may help you sleep better at night. A weighted blanket can even help with bipolar disorder; its benefits are not just limited to people with anxiety.

Anxiety blankets are available in many sizes. Choose the one that fits your needs, age, and body weight. If you have limited mobility or are a child, you should talk with your healthcare provider before purchasing a weighted blanket. The blanket should weigh no more than 15 per cent of your body weight. If you are pregnant, you should avoid using it. However, if you do not feel comfortable using it, you can always use a sheet to cover your body and protect yourself from any discomfort.


Anxiety blankets are therapeutic products, but they can be expensive to buy. This is because the weight of the blanket is stitched into the fabric. In addition, because they are tailored to fit the person’s body weight, these blankets can be costly. Many factors are involved in the weight, including fabric, filling material, and labour. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the cost of anxiety blanket. Here are some tips to help you decide which is best for you.

Weighted blankets have only recently made their way into the mainstream. These blankets are heavier than typical ones and place uniform pressure on the body. They work for the same reason that a hug does. When physical pressure is applied, the human body releases Serotonin, a chemical that calms and relaxes the nervous system. The blankets were originally designed for children to help reduce emotional stress. However, a weighted blanket isn’t a bad idea if you’re a senior citizen.