Muscle Stimulator: The use of an EMS machine is also referred to as neuromuscular electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). An EMS machine can be very effective in the early stages of muscle toning. The machine uses a direct electrical current to stimulate the muscles causing the muscles associated with exercising the muscles.

EMS machineWhen the electrical muscle stimulation takes place, the muscles produce more contractions than in a resting state. These additional contractions during exercise lead to tightening the muscles and greater development of the muscle fibres. The amount of current used can directly affect the contraction capabilities of the muscles being stimulated, and high amounts of current will result in stronger contraction and smaller fibres. Smaller fibres may not contract as much, while larger ones may contract extremely fast. Therefore, it directly impacts the amount of gain seen in one’s muscle gains.

Muscle contraction is directly related to the amount of oxygen in your blood. An EMS machine can stimulate oxygenated blood circulation throughout the body. This increase in blood circulation results in more oxygen and nutrients reaching the muscle fibres for improved performance. It also leads to an increase in neurotransmitter release, which results in improved mood, feelings of well-being, and a reduction in pain signals sent to the brain. Muscle pain signals are also reduced.

Pain Relief: The use of an EMS machine is commonly used to alleviate pain, especially after strenuous physical activity or exercise. The EMS slendertone revive professional muscle conditioner is specifically designed to reduce pain when using it. The slender one revives professional muscle conditioner uses nitrous oxide to dilate blood vessels, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles, helping alleviate the pain experienced. Additionally, the oxygen dilating effects help improve the blood flow throughout the body, leading to an overall increase in energy levels.

The use of an EMS machine also helps to control and regulate the workout so you can enjoy a safe and effective workout with fewer negative side effects. The low intensity and low repetition nature of the workout allow you to do less but still get a full workout. It is important because your muscles need stimulation to tone and become stronger.

These are just a few of the main benefits of using an EMS muscle stimulation. A more in-depth description of the EMS muscle stimulator is available on my website. You will also find several articles that provide information regarding this innovative EMS muscle stimulation device. To learn more about what an EMS machine can do for you, please visit my site today.