When it comes to women’s footwear, high heels and step-ins are usually the ones that come into mind. But only the legitimate shoe lovers know that Espadrilles are the undisputed essential that every woman’s must-have. A versatile and comfortable pair of thick sandals, Espadrilles are a great pair that can be worn for any occasion. Click here to learn more about espadrilles as we discuss the three reasons why you should have at least one pair in your collection. If you want to buy one right now, visit www.Spendless.co.nz.


100% Comfort Guaranteed

Espadrilles are stylish sandals that also offer supreme comfort. It features a high-quality design that promotes both fashion and style. But at the same time, it also provides a cushioning system that highly promotes unhindered comfort. As you may very well know, these are the ideal features that every woman is looking for in all of their shoes. In addition, Espadrilles are also available in a variety of different shapes and designs. That way, there will always be one that you will love.


Environment-friendly Materials

There’s only a handful of shoes that are made from eco-friendly materials and Espadrilles happen to be one of them. It’s a pair of shoes that are made with organic, guilt-free materials that are recycled and repurposed. As a result, wearing a pair serves as a good practice since you’re showing that you support the restoration and preservation of the environment. Most of all, you will have an attractive pair of sandals that will definitely turn heads, especially if the colours and patterns fit with your overall attire. So if you want to promote both fashion and the environment, head to www.Spendless.co.nz and order a pair of these 100% organic sandals.


100% Fresh and Odour-free Feet

Espadrilles are also made of breathable materials that prevent your feet from acquiring foul odour the longer you wear them. It contains properties on the sole that will keep your feet fresh for as long as possible. So, even if you wear your precious espadrilles all day long, your feet will always smell fresh. Whether you’re wearing socks – which is weird, to be honest – or completely bare, Espadrilles will surely keep your feet clean and free from bad odour. You Espadrilles won’t do anything to compromise your confidence so you can continue wearing them for as long as you want.


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