There is a lot of preparation that goes into taking the learners permit knowledge test. You need to study all the materials and take your driving lessons, which can get expensive. One of the most important steps in preparing for this exam is taking an online learner’s practice test. This type of practice test mimics what you will experience in an actual learners exam, so make sure you use it!

Why Taking Learners Practice Test Matters?

No other resource comes close to the real learner’s permit test in terms of accuracy than a learners practice test. It’s essential to review the material and take your driving lessons, but don’t forget about taking a VIC learners practice test. It will be vital towards your preparation for the learner’s permit test.


What is the Learner’s Permit Knowledge Test?

You might not be aware of it yet, but the learner’s permit test is a theory test that you will need to take before earning your learners permit. This permit will be needed when you start taking driving lessons. For you to earn this permit, you’ll need to pass the learners permit knowledge test first.


Make Sure You Review the ‘Road to Solo Driving’ Handbook

The test is computer-based, comprising 32 total questions. These questions are based on the four chapters available on the ‘Road to Solo Driving’ handbook. That means this resource is absolutely crucial to your chances of passing the exam.


So make sure you get a copy of this handbook and review every chapter. Use the knowledge you gain and try answering questions on a learners practice test. Not only will you get the first-hand experience, but you will also know if you will pass the actual test or not.


How do I prepare for my Learners Permit Test?

There is a lot of preparation that goes into taking the learner’s permit knowledge test. You need to study all the materials and take class-based driving lessons. The most important step is taking a learners practice test. This type of practice test helps you know your chances and what to expect for the real exam.


As mentioned earlier, the learner’s permit knowledge test has 32 questions total, all based on four chapters in ‘Road to Solo Driving’. To pass the exam, you will need to get at least 25 correct answers; for you to know that, you will need to practice via the VIC learners practice test. This resource will be crucial to your chances of passing the actual exam.


Once you’ve done your review and took the practise test until you can consistently pass it, it’s time to book for the real one. You will need to book your appointment at an accredited VicRoads Customer Service Centre. You can also book online. Follow the instructions and comply with the requirements.


On the day of your exam, make sure you bring the following:


  • An identification document.
  • Two 1×1 photos of yourself.
  • Proof of residential postal address.
  • Payment for the exam.
  • Ballpen or a pencil, depending on what the exam in your area requires.



When it comes to passing the learner’s permit knowledge test, preparation is always essential. Review all the necessary materials and make sure you try out a learners practice test available online. Good luck!