People who are new or unfamiliar with digital marketing tend to believe in a lot of things they read on – ironically – the internet. With SEO and online marketing growing bigger and bigger by the minute, you can expect that not all articles you read online are true. But consider this one exception. In fact, we want you to know the truth about online marketing and search engine optimisation. That’s why we bring you three of the biggest Adelaide SEO myths that most people tend to believe.


The Bigger, the better

Have you been to an SEO workshop? There are specific topics that the speakers or presenters may have talked about. But we want to focus on the part where they mentioned the size. In most cases, SEO experts would claim that the size of the website doesn’t matter that much. Search engines like Google look more on what’s inside it – specifically content. While this isn’t wrong; it isn’t entirely right, either. The truth is that it depends on the niche. In some niches, Google will rank larger and more expansive websites higher in the SERPs. The reason is that larger sites tend to have more relevant pages, making it a more legitimate and reliable source of information.


You’re Ranking a Single Page and Not the Entire Website

Again, another one that’s not wrong by any means, but is also flawed with misconception. The reality is that when you rank websites for Adelaide SEO, you tend to optimise each page to get your website to rank in your respective niche. The more pages that rank, the more visible your site is going to be. That means you’re technically not ranking your website; instead, you’re trying to optimise and rank for all of the pages in it. However, since this is the case, your entire site will likely benefit since the more pages that rank, the better your visibility.


You Only Need to Rank for a Few Keywords

Here’s another myth about SEO. Most people believe that ranking on multiple search terms might get you penalised by Google – this isn’t true. The truth is that Google will penalise your site if you rank on the wrong keywords. For example, if you’re a plumbing company yet you’re trying to rank for keywords like ‘bathroom interior design Adelaide,’ you will get penalised since your content will be misleading. You can rank for multiple keywords you want. As long as they’re relevant to your niche, then you’ll be fine.


What other big Adelaide SEO myths did we miss? Do you know some myths that you’d like to share? Send us an email now, and we’ll update this post whenever you send your entry.