When making silage or hay, you need a few baling supplies which include net wrap, silage wrap, baling twine, etc. Since baling supplies are in huge demand, many manufacturers are offering these products and not all are equal. Therefore, if you aren’t careful, you will end up with low-quality products which will affect your baled feeds. One way of landing into low-quality balers twine is to buy from a manufacturer or supplier that offers unbelievable discounts. As the saying goes, cheap is expensive, and therefore you need to keep of such supplier. This article will list the dangers of using low-quality baling twine.


When it comes to bale wrapping, the easiest way to save time and be productive is to mechanise the whole process. There are farm machinery that can do all the wrapping and all you need is buy one f you’re a large scale farmer or hire one if you cannot afford to buy a bale wrapper. However, even if you’re the best baler, without quality baling supplies in this case balers twine, the whole process will be hectic. For instance, low quality or cheap twine will keep on breaking, and this will waste lots of time as you try to mount the twine on the system again. Besides time wastage, you will have ununiform and low-quality bales regarding shape. Therefore, you should at all cost avoid using low-quality twine.

Endangers Your Livestock

Not all baling twine is consumable. You should always check this when ordering twine. If you go for the non-consumable twine, then you have to ensure that you’re getting the best quality. If you buy the cheap twine, you will be endangering your livestock. Consuming twine will result in digestive problems, and this will affect the production of your flock. When buying, you have to get balers twine with the right colour. With the right colour, it will be easy to identify twine from feeds when feeding and you can remove it before feeding. Be sure that the colour will not fade over time. The only way to be sure is to order your baling twine from the best supplier.

The above are some of the reason why you should avoid using cheap twine. You can always get quality twine and other baling supplies by ordering from the best manufacturers and suppliers. The best balers twine supplier is one with a good reputation, offers a guarantee of up to 12 months, offers delivery services, and also competitive prices for different baling supplies. All you need is do proper research by engaging other farmers and researching online.