Hiring an electrician is one of the most important decisions to make when installing electrical systems in homes, commercial buildings and offices. Choosing a licensed, professional and qualified electrician Adelaide for the electrical work performed on your property is crucial to ensuring your building or business’s safe operation or business and the smooth resolution of all your electrical problems.

However, how can you accurately determine whether your chosen electrician Adelaide is trained, licensed, bonded and insured? The lack of thorough electrician licensing examinations ensures that unlicensed persons are becoming the operators of electrical systems in public and private residential and commercial buildings. Thus, it becomes imperative to become aware of all the electrical industry basics to avoid encountering problems while making major electrical repairs and modifications to electrical systems.

Electrician AdelaideA licensed electrician Adelaide must obtain a license from the appropriate regulatory body to undertake electrical work within that particular state. Apart from the licensing examination, the electrician also needs to pass a skills test formulated by the state to check his or her knowledge and skill sets regarding electrical work. Once licensed, the electrician becomes insured and bonded. The state legally mandates these two elements to protect the electrician and other people who might be injured or affected by the electrician’s mistakes during electrical works. As a customer, it is also your responsibility to determine whether your chosen electrical contractor is insured, bonded and certified before hiring him or her.

Licensing and insurance play two vital roles in protecting electrician customers’ interests and legitimate electrical contractors alike. A reputable electrician will be careful to ensure that all the necessary licensing documents for his or her state are in place and will be able to show proof of licenses and insurance when required in court. Additionally, electricians will undertake pre-licensing courses that help them learn about electrical safety and practices to avoid accidents and mishaps on the job. In addition to licensing, electricians will also be bonded by their state’s department of insurance. This bonding requirement ensures that the electrician has the financial and professional liability protection that comes with it should something go wrong while on the job.

However, not all electrician contractors are licensed and insured. Some unlicensed electricians offer services that are not up to the standard regulated by their states’ licensing boards. Unlicensed contractors may also attempt to charge higher fees than licensed and insured contractors which may be illegal and unfair. To protect your interests as a consumer, make sure that the electrician contractor you are engaging is both licensed and insured.

In case you need electrical services for your business or home but cannot find a good licensed electrician, or if you are interested in a less expensive electrical contractor, you can try looking at the Internet. Many reputable websites are offering free online electrical contracting services. By registering online, you can get information on the electrical contractors in your area and read what others have had to say about them. You can also find out whether they are licensed and insured or not. Most importantly, you can get price quotes from each contractor to determine who is most affordable for your requirements.

If you have your heart set on working with an unlicensed contractor, then make sure that you don’t get caught by surprise at any point during the electrical work. Always remember that you are not required to obtain a license for electrical work in the state of Texas. Although most states require licensing for licensed electricians, some states do not. It is a good idea to obtain a license and verify that the person is indeed licensed before allowing them to perform electrical wiring work in your house or office. Always remember that when you hire an electrician or an unlicensed contractor, you are placing yourself at risk. It is imperative to ensure that the person you hire is insured and bonded.