Before scheduling an air conditioner installation, take the time to learn about the installation process. It will help you choose the right location in your home or business for your unit.

While you may think that knowing how to install an A/C unit is not essential to you because you will hire a professional to get the job done, you should know some crucial facts about the process before even hiring a company to do so. This will ensure that the contracting company does the job well, and makes sure you know what to do to take care of the unit after the air conditioning installation is finished.

  1. Thermostat/Timer

air conditioning installation AdelaideA timer must be included in the installation of your air conditioning. You do not want to have your A/C unit up and running when you are not at home. A programmable timer thermostat will help you save money and energy when you are not at home. You can have an additional one of these thermostats yourself after your unit has been installed, but it will be much easier to have both installed at the same time. Often, service technicians or air conditioning companies who sold you your unit carry thermostats at very reasonable prices.

  1. Choose Professional Installation

Remember that the installation of air conditioning is always something that should be handled by a licensed, joined, and certified installer. There are laws on refrigerants that need to be followed, and trying to do the process yourself or hiring an unqualified person is never good, and could leave you responsible for any problems moving forward. There are many DIY projects you can tackle around your home, but installing an A/C unit is not one of them.

  1. Include Insulation

Once you’ve chosen a professional company to handle the process, talk to the installers about insulation throughout your HVAC system. The unit itself should not be insulated, but the ducts should be, particularly in hot areas of your home, such as the spaces between the rafters in the attics. Spray foam, rigid foam insulation all work well, but make sure the installer you have chosen will use it.

  1. Location, Location, Location!

Be sure to choose the correct location for the air conditioning installation Adelaide. You do not want the compressor or condenser to become clogged. Shrubs, grass, and even hanging branches can create a problem with airflow and efficiency. You want the unit near your home, but you want a 24-inch open barrier around it free of debris, vegetation or other possible obstructions. You may also want the installer to choose a location that will not be in direct sunlight, as this reduces its efficiency. Professional installers recommend the north or east sides of the house to protect you from the most intense hours of daylight.

  1. Secure a Regular Maintenance Plan

Finally, you will want to consider RichMond as a maintenance plan after the air conditioner installation. Finding an installer that also offers maintenance is a good idea, as this will ensure that the company or individual who is doing the maintenance understands its unit and its peculiarities. You should check it every year before you start using it to make sure it is fully functional and works with optimal efficiency.