It is easy to bet that there already might be a million Australian homes with a verandah in them. It may be an old and traditional outdoor feature, but it still tickles the fancy of many property owners due to its timeless aesthetic value and practical use. You see, reading this post alone is proof that you are one of those who is interested in having one installed at home, but you still need to convince yourself that it is worth the investment. Well, we are ecstatic to give you some insights on how you potentially can benefit from installing verandahs – on your private property.

1 – It makes your property look great.

Some homeowners feel like something is lacking in their property, making it appear and feel boring and dull. It is not like it is time for you to sell it. The truth is you need to come up with ways to improve its looks and feel. One of the cost-effective and practical means of improving your property is by installing a verandah. It is an outdoor feature you cannot miss since it allows you to put your exterior space to a whole new level of aesthetic value. Verandahs come in different designs and shapes, which mean you can choose whatever you want, to transform your home into something you never even thought was possible with minimal cost.

2 – It is a sustainable structure.

Not many people, probably including you, recognise the sustainability of verandahs –, making them a valuable addition to your house. If you add this structure to your property, it can help cool your home without the need to turn up the AC during the summer. It is possible by acting as a shelter for your living room or bedroom from the sun. By blocking the heat, it allows your indoor space to remain cool. During the winter months, it blocks the entry of freezing temperatures in one direction, which then prevents the heating equipment to get overworked.

3 – Verandahs have practical functions.

Aside from the aesthetic improvement and that face that it helps you save on heating and cooling costs, the verandah likewise has a practical use, offering an extra space or room for entertainment, relaxation, parties, and family gatherings. You can use the area to host guests and visitors for a weekend barbecue or your bond with your kids while watching a movie before bedtime. Some Australians call it the family verandah, and there is an apparent reason behind it.

If you are in dire need of improving your house, but you are not ready to spend thousands of dollars for a complete makeover, then adding a verandah is the best and most reasonable alternative.