Cattle farming is a staple business that offers significant returns for wise farmers. Since milk is still one of the major commodities worldwide, farming practices have evolved over the past few decades. Farmers have discovered substitutes for fodder options when the dry season comes in full swing.


Probably the best substitute for green forage is silage. These preserved greens are healthy for cattle, especially those raised for milking. Silage is easy to prepare but also requires proper storage to ensure that the fodder will be fermented as desired.


If you’re in search of silage covers that will surely keep air and other elements out of your fermenting greens, you should consider purchasing a silage stretch wrap. This product is suitable for outdoor storage spaces since it was made to endure harsh conditions. Its ultra-resistant quality requires no indoor storage so you can make the silage, compress the greens, and wrap them up!





A top-quality silage stretch wrap is tear-resistant. This feature is necessary for silage-making processes since air should never enter or seep through the greens while they are fermenting. If air gets in, you can expect the fodder to spoil.


Large Capacity


Stretch wraps are known for storage capacity that can exceed that of typical silos. Since these silage covers are stretchable, you can press in more grass for fermentation. The stretchable quality also allows for maximum compression to maintain the anaerobic environment that greens require during fermentation.


UV Ray Boomerang Effect


Ultraviolet rays can be harmful to silage while it undergoes the preservation period. Reliable stretch wraps can resist high levels of UV radiation to ensure that the silage will go through fermentation without chemical obstructions.


Nutrient Protection


Stretchable silage wraps ensure that all the nutrients your cattle needs will be retained in the “pickled” grass stored for cow fodder. Due to its airtight quality, you can rest assured that a stretch wrap will keep nutrients within the silage. Once they’re ready for feeding, the fodder will help boost milk production in your cattle’s system.


Farmers have been exploring proper silage practices for many years, and stretch wraps have proven reliable in grass fermenting processes. These silage covers are trusted around the world due to the material’s resistance against abrasion, harsh weather, and other contaminants that could spoil the final product.


Whether it’s your first time developing silage for your cattle or you’ve been doing it for years now, you can trust that stretch wraps will help you produce a healthy substitute for green forage. Call your provider today and inquire about silage covers that are proven and trusted worldwide by cattle or sheep farmers.