There is no end to the number of people who are online actively seeking information on physiotherapy today. In fact, the demographics show that it is not only Westerners who are looking for physiotherapy information online, but that research is also coming from the Asia-Pacific region.


This really shows the degree of confidence that people have in Physio Beverley and the effectiveness of this form of treatment.


The fact is, many of us may not know that physiotherapy is a form of treatment that has had a prominent place for centuries.


However, with advances in medical science, physiotherapy has become a very specialised field, with very appropriate procedures in place. And it is interesting to note that physiotherapy has more to offer than we could ever imagine.


Physiotherapy: The Best Way to Treat Daily Back Pain


Back pain is prevalent, and 80% of us suffer from episodes of back pain at some point in our lives. For many of us, it would be fantastic if physiotherapy is the most effective treatment when trying to overcome daily back pain.



The reason behind this is that the back is an avascular structure and does not have any blood vessels. And the only way for nutrition and oxygen to reach the back is through movement. Therefore, staying in shape has often been cited as the best way to keep your back healthy, just as it also works for our daily fitness.


Traction Devices


Another fascinating fact that might surprise us is that a traction device can be as effective as a physiotherapist’s massage.


From time to time, we can see that we do not want to go to the physiotherapist whenever we have back pain. On the other hand, the pain can come back in some cases, if one is not able to see the practitioner at regular intervals. It’s in such scenarios that a home traction device can do wonders for your health and well-being.


The Decompression Belt


The decompression belt is a device developed through advancement in the field of physiotherapy. It works on the principle of decompression.


The device is easy to use. All you need to do is manually tie the decompression belt around the waist and inflate it using the air pump supplied with the kit.


When the decompression belt rises vertically, it will:

  • take the weight of the upper body in the lower back, which has very often been considered the leading underlying cause of back pain.
  • create more space between the vertebrae. Thus, any underlying condition such as a pinched nerve in the back heals on its own. It also relieves several conditions related to back pain, such as numbness of the hands, arm pain or even fibromyalgia.


The best part is that you can put the decompression belt on and continue your day as you always have. You can put on the belt when sitting, driving or even doing the laundry. What was difficult before, like cooking or playing with your kids, is now much easier with the decompression belt.

You can eliminate your worry about visiting Physio Beverley every time you have that annoying back pain.