If you are an avid do-it-yourself enthusiast, it means you will not hesitate when it comes to investing your hard-earned money in power tools. You have a list of what you wish to buy, but there are times when you forget to buy some of the most critical ones for home improvement jobs. For instance, you may not have used one before, but we believe that a cordless angle grinder with side switch must be in your toolbox.


There are several things you must factor in when buying a cordless angle grinder for the first time, and this article will talk about those things, the purpose of which is to give you a much better chance of buying the right product for your home improvement and repair projects at home.



1 – Disc Size


The first factor you should ponder on is the disc size. If you try to do some research about the ideal size, you probably will read articles and watch videos which recommend that you go for the biggest disc. However, we don’t believe it makes that much sense. Instead, you should go for an angle grinder with a disc size that’s ideal for the projects and tasks you do at home. For instance, if you seek maximum precision when grinding, it means you should go for a pneumatic variety with a small disc. A large disc will never work with precision jobs.


2 – Power


Angle grinders, in general, may be powered by petrol, compressed air, or electricity. An electric angle grinder offers efficiency and convenience, but it will stop working when the battery runs out. A petrol-powered model meanwhile won’t have issues of running out of power because you can conveniently refill the fuel tank. However, not everyone wants to work with petrol when they are inside their living spaces.



3 – Speed


It also makes sense to learn about the speed of the disc right before you buy a cordless angle grinder with side switch. Know that the higher the speed rate is, the more effective the machine is; it is imperative that you identify the jobs and projects you wish to perform with the help of the angle grinder and discuss it with an expert. Although all angle grinder varieties are ideal for cutting and grinding tasks, keep in mind that the speed will determine the scale of the job the machine can perform without hiccups.


4 – Versatility


Finally, look for an angle grinder which is versatile enough to allow changing of discs and the addition of accessories. The reason why you should consider this is that you get the chance to use the grinder for different purposes, not just for cutting and grinding. It is best that the model you choose supports attachments.