The internet is gaining huge popularity as the primary source of information, services, and products. Therefore, if you have a business or informational website, you have to make sure that it is accessible and available to your audience. The reason is that a site that is not visible is as good as having none. To ensure that your website is visible, you need not only quality design but also Search Engine Optimisation SA. Below are the reasons why SEO is essential.

Search engine rankings –Site optimisation directly links to your website’s ranking in search engines. The majority of your websites’ visitors will find you or your business through search engine results, and it is unlikely that they will look beyond page 2. Therefore, there is a need to rank high on major search engines and hence the demand for SEO services.

Increased traffic – Whatever is the purpose of your website, its existence depends a lot with the increased visitors. With a lot of traffic to your website, there is a high conversion rate, and this means good business. Optimising your site will ensure that you get not just traffic but relevant traffic by creating content that is suitable for your audience.

Marketing – Site optimisation can help reach your niche market and increase the chances of your site getting the attention it deserves. With so many users using the internet, online presence is an excellent element to the marketing of your product and so optimising this is critical to the websites’ success.

Reduced Advertising costs – Contrary to other advertising mediums, when it comes to SEO, your target audience will find you or your business when they need you to meet your requirements thereby reducing the advertising cost.



Speed – SEO ensures that your site loads efficiently, creating a professional image to the site visitor. Properly optimised content, coding, and pictures make the ultimate difference between your site loading instantly and taking a few moments. With the immense competition online, this can impact your users’ experience and ultimately your repeat visitors.

Access – Search Engine Optimisation SA will not only improve your site’s marketing and appearance on computers, but it will also allow access to your site through smartphones and tablets. With a considerable number of people using these devices for internet access, optimising your website can open you up to more traffic or audience.

Links to other websites – SEO helps ensure backlinks are in place. These links act as online networking which allows search engines gauge the popularity of your website which helps when it comes to site rankings.