When it comes to the livestock and animal feed production industry, everyone hates losing forage quality once a batch of bales is made. That’s why you should consider using a traditional hay bale wrap rather than twine. A two-year University of Adelaide study found three good reasons why the bale wrap outperforms the twine in a huge margin.



Reason #1: Basting Baling Process

A standard bale wrap offers faster wrapping than twine, which leads to higher productivity. According to the numbers, up to 32 per cent more bales are made per hour with a bale wrap when compared to baling twine.


Reason #2: Reduced Harvest Loss

Harvest loss is when you accumulate spoils during the harvest period. It’s when hay drops out of the bottom of the baler. However, it has been found that harvest loss is much lower when using bale wrap because of the shorter time needed for wrapping. In contrast, you’ll only need two turns to get an entire bale wrapped, compared to the almost ten rolls of traditional baling twine.


Reason #3: Reduced Storage Loss

One of the main hindrances to animal feed production is the spoilage. Too many spoils on a single batch will ruin the entire bale of hay. Fortunately, hay bale wrap also has lower storage losses when you store it outdoors compared to twine-wrapped bales. Each of these products offers seven per cent and 11 per cent, respectively. The reason for this substantial difference is because bales wrapped in traditional bale wrap shed water better, especially if they’re stored in well-drained areas.


You can add some stability and survivability on your bales using bale wrap for storing large round bales. It’s much better than baling twine in a lot of areas and can prove to be the better baling option based on its performance alone. The equipment costs are between $3,500 – $4,000, with bale wraps being a $0.7 – $1 more expensive than twine. However, this slight difference in the price is also the reason why most people are going for bale wraps. It’s more effective, convenient, better-performing, and only costs a tad-bit more from the baling twine.


So, if you want faster and more efficient baling, all while not accumulating too many spoils and losses, hay bale wrap is for you. Order your bale wrap today on our online store.