If you’re looking for a classic style door handle, then brushed brass door handles might be what you’re looking for. It lends a clean and traditional appearance which just can’t be matched by any other metal. Brushed brass door handles also come in such a variety of styles and variations that you’re bound to get the perfect ones for your house. You can choose from antique designs to more modern ones – it’s all up to you.

Lo&CoInteriors Brushed Brass Door HandlesBrushed metal is quite a bit more resilient than bronze or iron, which means it doesn’t rust as easily. Another great quality of Lo&CoInteriors brushed brass door handles is that they are very easily shaped to form intricate decorative patterns. Handles made from this material also have a unique gleam, which is almost metallic in appearance. In short, this type of door handle has excellent advantages when it comes to appearance. However, there is also the argument that brushed metal’s durability is less than that of other materials.

Brushed nickel is another option available when it comes to Lo&CoInteriors brushed brass door handles. As the name implies, nickel is a light colour and is typically used for decorative purposes. Nickel tends to scratch easier than brass, but it does not rust like the other metals mentioned above. It is relatively more expensive than most other forms of brushed brass door handles. However, if you insist on having a nickel door handles, you will need to apply clear wax to prevent tarnishing.

Cup handle nickel is a type of alloy that is similar to brushed nickel. Cup handle nickel also tends to scratch easier than brushed brass door handles, but it is less prone to tarnishing and is more commonly used for decorative purposes. Many cup handles are designed to appear antique even though they’re actually quite modern in design. Aesthetically, cup handle handles can be quite popular as they’re often used to accessorize kitchen cabinets and another room decor. This style of door handle doesn’t have the same appeal as brushed brass door handles.

Another popular style of Lo&CoInteriors brushed brass door handles is made from a type of material called stainless steel. These handles tend to be stronger than the handles made from nickel and brass, but they can still be damaged by frequent use. Stainless steel is also susceptible to staining, but the investment is well worth the effort as stainless steel door handles last much longer than candles made from other materials.

Several other brushed brass door handles are available, including antique, art deco, country, and Victorian styles. If you’re considering purchasing a brass door handle of any type, you should carefully consider your budget and what pieces will look best with your current home furniture. You might find that an antique style is a perfect match for your home, or you might opt for a more contemporary design. Brushed nickel and bronze handle can be purchased at affordable prices, and there are several antique patterns available if you prefer an antique appearance.